Agnes: treatment for Syringoma

The main reason for treatment of Syringoma is cosmetic, especially lesions appear around the eyes and cheek.
The goal of treatment of syringoma is destrution of the tumor with minimal scarring and downtime. However complete destruction is often unsuccessful and recurrence is common.

Destruction of syringoma (adnexal neoplasm) via ablative laser, chemical burn, surgical excision often have longer downtime and risk of getting scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The Agnes treatment (microneedling Radio Frequency) has faster recovery, less downtime and less erythema compare to those treatments mention above.
The needle used in Agnes treatment is insulated which can protect the skin from epidermal burn. The correct length of the needle chosen will selectively target the syringoma tumor tissues.

The good points of Agnes treatment for Syringoma:
- less down time
- less redness
- no scarring
- no scab formation

Please consult your doctor for further information on Agnes treatment for Syringoma if you are interested.